This page is for personal use. If you use this as your guide, it is your own responsibility to verify the information before consuming anything in this chart. i.e. if you get sick, it’s your fault, not mine.

1Alcohol: Occasionally in moderate amounts: Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey/Scotch, WineAlcohol: Occasionally in moderate amounts: Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, Whiskey/Scotch, Winelow1
2All spices (except onion & garlic)All spices (except onion & garlic)low1
3Almonds 10 ea/.42oz flour 2TAlmonds 10 ea/.42oz flour 2Tlow1
4Artichoke Hearts* 1/8 cArtichoke Hearts* 1/8 clow1
6Aspartame occasionallyAspartame occasionallylow1
7Bacon - with honeyBacon - with honeylow1
8Bacon fatBacon fatlow1
9Bamboo ShootsBamboo Shootslow1
10Banana: fresh, driedBanana: fresh, driedlow1
11Beans, Lima 1/4 cBeans, Lima 1/4 clow1
13Beet 2 slicesBeet 2 sliceslow1
14Berries: blueberry < 80 ea, boysenberry, strawberry, raspberry 10 ea/19 g Berries: blueberry < 80 ea, boysenberry, strawberry, raspberry 10 ea/19 g low1
15Bok Choy 1 c/85 gBok Choy 1 c/85 glow1
17Broccoli 1/2 c/1.6 ozBroccoli 1/2 c/1.6 ozlow1
18Broth: homemade meat or marrow bones (no cartilage)Broth: homemade meat or marrow bones (no cartilage)low1
19Brussels Sprouts 2 eaBrussels Sprouts 2 ealow1
21Cabbage 1 c/98 gCabbage 1 c/98 glow1
22Cabbage: Savoy 1/2 cCabbage: Savoy 1/2 clow1
25Celery Root/CeleriacCelery Root/Celeriaclow1
26Cheese: aged 1 mo+, dry curd cottage cheese, yogurt cheese/labnehCheese: aged 1 mo+, dry curd cottage cheese, yogurt cheese/labnehlow1
28Citrus: lemon, lime, oranges, tangelos, tangerineCitrus: lemon, lime, oranges, tangelos, tangerinelow1
29Coconut oilCoconut oillow1
30Coconut: flour/shredded 1/4 cup, milk (w/no thickeners)Coconut: flour/shredded 1/4 cup, milk (w/no thickeners)low1
31Cod liver oil & Fish oilCod liver oil & Fish oillow1
32Coffee 1 c/day (weak)Coffee 1 c/day (weak)low1
33Cranberry juice - pureCranberry juice - purelow1
35Current, dried 1TbCurrent, dried 1Tblow1
36Dragon FruitDragon Fruitlow1
37Duck fatDuck fatlow1
42Fennel bulb 1/2 c, leaves 1 cFennel bulb 1/2 c, leaves 1 clow1
44Fruit Juice: from Low Fodmap fruits 1/3 c/100 mlFruit Juice: from Low Fodmap fruits 1/3 c/100 mllow1
46Garlic-infused oilGarlic-infused oillow1
49Ginger (fresh & dried)Ginger (fresh & dried)low1
52Green Beans 10ea/2.5ozGreen Beans 10ea/2.5ozlow1
53Greens: lettuce, collard, chard, kale, spinachGreens: lettuce, collard, chard, kale, spinachlow1
55Hazelnuts 10 ea/15gHazelnuts 10 ea/15glow1
56Honey: alfalfa, cotton, clover, raspberry 2 THoney: alfalfa, cotton, clover, raspberry 2 Tlow1
57Jam/Jelly: homemade (no pectin, sugar)Jam/Jelly: homemade (no pectin, sugar)low1
58Kiwi fruitKiwi fruitlow1
60Lard & TallowLard & Tallowlow1
61Lentil: brown 1/2 c, green & red 1/4 cLentil: brown 1/2 c, green & red 1/4 clow1
62Longon 5 ea/15 gLongon 5 ea/15 glow1
63Macadamia 20 ea/40 gMacadamia 20 ea/40 glow1
64Macadamia oilMacadamia oillow1
65Mayonnaise, homemade or commercial w/ honeyMayonnaise, homemade or commercial w/ honeylow1
66Medium Chain Triglyceride/MCT oilMedium Chain Triglyceride/MCT oillow1
67Melon: cantaloupe/rock, honeydew 1/2 c/100 gMelon: cantaloupe/rock, honeydew 1/2 c/100 glow1
68Mustard - without garlicMustard - without garliclow1
69Olive oilOlive oillow1
71Orange juice, fresh 1/2 c/ 125 mlOrange juice, fresh 1/2 c/ 125 mllow1
72Organ MeatsOrgan Meatslow1
73Palm oilPalm oillow1
74Papaya/Paw PawPapaya/Paw Pawlow1
75Passion fruit 4 pulps/100 gPassion fruit 4 pulps/100 glow1
76Peanut butter 4 TPeanut butter 4 Tlow1
77Peanuts 32 ea/28 gPeanuts 32 ea/28 glow1
78Peas, green 1/4 cPeas, green 1/4 clow1
79Pecans 10 ea/22 gPecans 10 ea/22 glow1
80Peppers: Bell/ SweetPeppers: Bell/ Sweetlow1
81Peppers: Chili 11 cm/28 gPeppers: Chili 11 cm/28 glow1
82Pickles/ Relish - no sweetener or garlicPickles/ Relish - no sweetener or garliclow1
83Pine nuts 1 T/14 gPine nuts 1 T/14 glow1
86Pomegranate 1/2 ea/38g, 1/4 c seedsPomegranate 1/2 ea/38g, 1/4 c seedslow1
89Prickly PearPrickly Pearlow1
90Pumpkin seeds 2 T/23 gPumpkin seeds 2 T/23 glow1
91Radicchio 12 leavesRadicchio 12 leaveslow1
93Rambutan 2 ea/31gRambutan 2 ea/31glow1
96Saccharine - pure (no high fodmap or SCD illegal additives)Saccharine - pure (no high fodmap or SCD illegal additives)low1
97Scallion: green partScallion: green partlow1
99Sesame seeds 1 T/11 gSesame seeds 1 T/11 glow1
100Snow Peas: 5 podsSnow Peas: 5 podslow1
101Squash: Butternut 1/4 c, Kobocha, Sunburst, Yellow, Zucchini 3/4 cSquash: Butternut 1/4 c, Kobocha, Sunburst, Yellow, Zucchini 3/4 clow1
102Stevia - pure (no inulin) in small amounts occasionallyStevia - pure (no inulin) in small amounts occasionallylow1
103Sunflower seeds 2 t/6 gSunflower seeds 2 t/6 glow1
104Tabasco (McIlhennyCo)Tabasco (McIlhennyCo)low1
105Tea: black (weak), chamomile, ginger, green, hibiscus, lemongrass, mate, mint, oolong, rooibos/rooibos chai, rose hipTea: black (weak), chamomile, ginger, green, hibiscus, lemongrass, mate, mint, oolong, rooibos/rooibos chai, rose hiplow1
107Vegetable Oils: Vegetable Oils: Borage, Canola, Flax, Grape seed, Hemp, Pumpkin seed, Sesame, Sunflower, WalnutVegetable Oils: Vegetable Oils: Borage, Canola, Flax, Grape seed, Hemp, Pumpkin seed, Sesame, Sunflower, Walnutlow1
108Vinegar: apple cider, distilled/white, red & white wineVinegar: apple cider, distilled/white, red & white winelow1
110Walnuts 10 ea/30 gWalnuts 10 ea/30 glow1
111Wasabi - pureWasabi - purelow1
115Yogurt: homemade 24 hourYogurt: homemade 24 hourlow1
254Artichoke Hearts* 1/4 cArtichoke Hearts* 1/4 cmed3
255Asparagus 1 spearAsparagus 1 spearmed3
256Bacon - w/sugar 1x wkBacon - w/sugar 1x wkmed3
257Beans, BlackBeans, Blackmed3
258Beans, Lima 1/3 cBeans, Lima 1/3 cmed3
259Berries: cranberry 1TBerries: cranberry 1Tmed3
260Butternut Squash 1/2 c/60 gButternut Squash 1/2 c/60 gmed3
261Cabbage > 1 c/98 gCabbage > 1 c/98 gmed3
262Cabbage: Savoy 3/4 cCabbage: Savoy 3/4 cmed3
263Cherries 3 eaCherries 3 eamed3
264Chestnuts, handfulChestnuts, handfulmed3
265Citrus: grapefruit 1/2 ea 104 gCitrus: grapefruit 1/2 ea 104 gmed3
266Cream: lactase treated 1/4 cupCream: lactase treated 1/4 cupmed3
267Flaxseed < 1TFlaxseed < 1Tmed3
268Hazelnuts 20 ea/30 gHazelnuts 20 ea/30 gmed3
269Honey*: blackberry, buckwheat, citrus/orange blossom 1 THoney*: blackberry, buckwheat, citrus/orange blossom 1 Tmed3
270Leek 1/2 ea/42 gLeek 1/2 ea/42 gmed3
271Lentils green & red 1/2 cLentils green & red 1/2 cmed3
272Longon 10ea/30 gLongon 10ea/30 gmed3
273Lychee 5 eaLychee 5 eamed3
274Melon: honeydew >1/2 cup/100 gMelon: honeydew >1/2 cup/100 gmed3
276Passion fruit >4 pulps/ 100 gPassion fruit >4 pulps/ 100 gmed3
277Peas, green 1/3 cPeas, green 1/3 cmed3
278Pecans 40 ea/100 gPecans 40 ea/100 gmed3
279Pepper: Chili 40 gPepper: Chili 40 gmed3
280Pineapple, dried 1 slicePineapple, dried 1 slicemed3
281Rambutan 4 ea/62 gRambutan 4 ea/62 gmed3
282Seltzer/Carbonated beverages (CO2/gas)Seltzer/Carbonated beverages (CO2/gas)med3
283Spinach >15 leaves/150 gSpinach >15 leaves/150 gmed3
284Tea: green < 2 cups/dayTea: green < 2 cups/daymed3
285Tomato: soup/juiceTomato: soup/juicemed3
286Tomato: Sun-dried 2 T/15 gTomato: Sun-dried 2 T/15 gmed3
287Walnuts 100 gWalnuts 100 gmed3
288ALCOHOL Rum: light/gold*ALCOHOL Rum: light/gold*high4
289Almonds 20 ea/.85 oz flour 4 TAlmonds 20 ea/.85 oz flour 4 Thigh4
293Asparagus 4 spearsAsparagus 4 spearshigh4
296Beans, BakedBeans, Bakedhigh4
297Beans, Borlotti/CranberryBeans, Borlotti/Cranberryhigh4
298Beans, Kidney/RedBeans, Kidney/Redhigh4
299Beans, Lima 1/2 cBeans, Lima 1/2 chigh4
300Beans, Navy/White/HaricotBeans, Navy/White/Haricothigh4
301Beet 4 slicesBeet 4 sliceshigh4
302Berries: cranberry 2 T blueberry > 80/100 g blackberry raspberry >50 eaBerries: cranberry 2 T blueberry > 80/100 g blackberry raspberry >50 eahigh4
303Bok Choy 1-1/2 c/127 gBok Choy 1-1/2 c/127 ghigh4
304Broccoli 1 cBroccoli 1 chigh4
305Broth: homemade bone/cartilageBroth: homemade bone/cartilagehigh4
306Brussels Sprouts 6 ea/ 114 gBrussels Sprouts 6 ea/ 114 ghigh4
307Cabbage: Savoy 1 cCabbage: Savoy 1 chigh4
308Canned fruit in high fodmap fruit juiceCanned fruit in high fodmap fruit juicehigh4
312Cherries 6 eaCherries 6 eahigh4
313Citrus, grapefruit 1 ea /207 gCitrus, grapefruit 1 ea /207 ghigh4
314Current, dried 2TbCurrent, dried 2Tbhigh4
315Custard AppleCustard Applehigh4
316Date, driedDate, driedhigh4
317Fennel bulb >1 c, leaves >3 cFennel bulb >1 c, leaves >3 chigh4
318Fig, driedFig, driedhigh4
319Fruit Juice: from High Fodmap fruitsFruit Juice: from High Fodmap fruitshigh4
321Hazelnuts 80 ea/100 gHazelnuts 80 ea/100 ghigh4
322Honey*: acacia, sage, tupeloHoney*: acacia, sage, tupelohigh4
323Jerusalem artichokeJerusalem artichokehigh4
324Leek 1 ea/84gLeek 1 ea/84ghigh4
329Orange juice 1 c/125 mlOrange juice 1 c/125 mlhigh4
330Papaya, driedPapaya, driedhigh4
333Pear: nashiPear: nashihigh4
334Peas, green 1/2 c/72 gPeas, green 1/2 c/72 ghigh4
336Pine nuts 8 T/100 gPine nuts 8 T/100 ghigh4
339Pomegranate 1 ea/76 g, 1/2 c seedsPomegranate 1 ea/76 g, 1/2 c seedshigh4
341Pumpkin seeds 100 gPumpkin seeds 100 ghigh4
343Scallions: white partScallions: white parthigh4
344Sesame seeds 100 gSesame seeds 100 ghigh4
346Snow Peas 10 podsSnow Peas 10 podshigh4
347Spilt peaSpilt peahigh4
348Sugar Snap PeasSugar Snap Peashigh4
349Sunflower seed 100 gSunflower seed 100 ghigh4
352Yogurt: lactose-free commercial (pectin)Yogurt: lactose-free commercial (pectin)high4
353Zucchini > 3/4 cupZucchini > 3/4 cuphigh4
354Agave syrupAgave syrupbad5
355ALCOHOL: Beer, Brandy, Hard Cider, Liqueurs/Cordials, Rum: dark, Sherry, Tequila, Wine: dessert/sweet, sake, sparkling, portALCOHOL: Beer, Brandy, Hard Cider, Liqueurs/Cordials, Rum: dark, Sherry, Tequila, Wine: dessert/sweet, sake, sparkling, portbad5
356Asafoetida powderAsafoetida powderbad5
357Bacon - w/high fructose corn syrupBacon - w/high fructose corn syrupbad5
358Barley Malt syrupBarley Malt syrupbad5
359Bean SproutsBean Sproutsbad5
360Beans, ButterBeans, Butterbad5
361Beans, CannelliniBeans, Cannellinibad5
362Beans, Chickpea/GarbanzoBeans, Chickpea/Garbanzobad5
363Beans, Fava/Faba/BroadBeans, Fava/Faba/Broadbad5
364Beans, PintoBeans, Pintobad5
365Beans, SoyBeans, Soybad5
366Brown Rice syrupBrown Rice syrupbad5
367Cane sugar (Rapadura, Sucanat)Cane sugar (Rapadura, Sucanat)bad5
368Canned vegetablesCanned vegetablesbad5
369Cheese: cream cheese, cottage cheese, fresh cheese (feta, cheve, fresh mozzarella), ricottaCheese: cream cheese, cottage cheese, fresh cheese (feta, cheve, fresh mozzarella), ricottabad5
370Chia seedsChia seedsbad5
371Chicory root (leaves ok)Chicory root (leaves ok)bad5
372Cocoa/chocolate, unsweetenedCocoa/chocolate, unsweetenedbad5
373Coconut milk - with thickeners (guar gum, carageenan)Coconut milk - with thickeners (guar gum, carageenan)bad5
374Coconut sugarCoconut sugarbad5
375Coffee SubstitutesCoffee Substitutesbad5
378Deli/Processed Meatwith sugar, carrageenan, high fodmap or SCD illegal additivesDeli/Processed Meatwith sugar, carrageenan, high fodmap or SCD illegal additivesbad5
379Fructose, powderedFructose, powderedbad5
380Gums/ Carrageenan/ ThickenersGums/ Carrageenan/ Thickenersbad5
381High-fructose corn syrupHigh-fructose corn syrupbad5
382Jam/Jelly: commercialJam/Jelly: commercialbad5
383Kefir: commercial, homemade 24 hourKefir: commercial, homemade 24 hourbad5
384Maple syrupMaple syrupbad5
389Polyols/Sugar alcohol: isomalt, erythritol, lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitolPolyols/Sugar alcohol: isomalt, erythritol, lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, xylitolbad5
390Potato: sweetPotato: sweetbad5
391Potato: white/all colorsPotato: white/all colorsbad5
392Sauces or Marinades with High Fodmap/SCD Illegal itemsSauces or Marinades with High Fodmap/SCD Illegal itemsbad5
394Seed flourSeed flourbad5
395Soda (fructose, sucrose)Soda (fructose, sucrose)bad5
396Sour cream: commercialSour cream: commercialbad5
397Soy Sauce/TamariSoy Sauce/Tamaribad5
398Soybean OilSoybean Oilbad5
399Spices: Onion & Garlic powderSpices: Onion & Garlic powderbad5
400Starch powder: all arrowroot, corn, potato, rice, tapiocaStarch powder: all arrowroot, corn, potato, rice, tapiocabad5
404Tea: chicory root, licorice, pau d’arcoTea: chicory root, licorice, pau d’arcobad5
406Vinegar: balsamicVinegar: balsamicbad5
407Water ChestnutsWater Chestnutsbad5
409Yogurt: commercialYogurt: commercialbad5
411Agar-agarAgar-agar - illegalillegal6
412AlgaeAlgae - illegalillegal6
413Aloe VeraAloe Vera - illegalillegal6
414Amaranth flourAmaranth flour - illegalillegal6
415Apple Juice (w/ sugar)Apple Juice (w/ sugar) - illegalillegal6
416ArrowrootArrowroot - illegalillegal6
417Artichokes (Jerusalem)Artichokes (Jerusalem) - illegalillegal6
418AstragalusAstragalus - illegalillegal6
419Baker's yeastBaker's yeast - illegalillegal6
420Baking powderBaking powder - illegalillegal6
421Balsamic vinegarBalsamic vinegar - illegalillegal6
422Bark teaBark tea - illegalillegal6
423BarleyBarley - illegalillegal6
424Bean flourBean flour - illegalillegal6
425Bee PollenBee Pollen - illegalillegal6
426BeerBeer - illegalillegal6
427BhindiBhindi - illegalillegal6
428Bitter GourdBitter Gourd - illegalillegal6
429Black eye beansBlack eye beans - illegalillegal6
430BolognaBologna - illegalillegal6
431Bouillon cubesBouillon cubes - illegalillegal6
432BrandyBrandy - illegalillegal6
433BuckwheatBuckwheat - illegalillegal6
434BulgurBulgur - illegalillegal6
435Burdock rootBurdock root - illegalillegal6
436Butter beansButter beans - illegalillegal6
437Canellini beansCanellini beans - illegalillegal6
438CarobCarob - illegalillegal6
439CarrageenanCarrageenan - illegalillegal6
440Cellulose GumCellulose Gum - illegalillegal6
441CerealsCereals - illegalillegal6
442Chestnut flourChestnut flour - illegalillegal6
443ChevreChevre - illegalillegal6
444Chewing gumChewing gum - illegalillegal6
445Chick peasChick peas - illegalillegal6
446ChlorellaChlorella - illegalillegal6
447ChocolateChocolate - illegalillegal6
448Cocoa powderCocoa powder - illegalillegal6
449Coffee (instant)Coffee (instant) - illegalillegal6
450CordialsCordials - illegalillegal6
451Corn syrupCorn syrup - illegalillegal6
452CornstarchCornstarch - illegalillegal6
453Cottage cheeseCottage cheese - illegalillegal6
454Cream cheeseCream cheese - illegalillegal6
455Cream of TartarCream of Tartar - illegalillegal6
456Croscomellose sodiumCroscomellose sodium - illegalillegal6
457Date sugarDate sugar - illegalillegal6
458Decaffeinated ProductsDecaffeinated Products - illegalillegal6
459Dextrose (contained in commercial products)Dextrose (contained in commercial products) - illegalillegal6
460Dried milk solidsDried milk solids - illegalillegal6
461DrumsticksDrumsticks - illegalillegal6
462Durum FlourDurum Flour - illegalillegal6
463EMPowerEMPower - illegalillegal6
464Evaporated cane juiceEvaporated cane juice - illegalillegal6
465Ezekiel BreadEzekiel Bread - illegalillegal6
466Faba beansFaba beans - illegalillegal6
467FenugreekFenugreek - illegalillegal6
468Feta CheeseFeta Cheese - illegalillegal6
469Flax seedFlax seed - illegalillegal6
470FlourFlour - illegalillegal6
471FOSFOS - illegalillegal6
472Frozen Orange Juice (concentrated)Frozen Orange Juice (concentrated) - illegalillegal6
473Garbanzo beansGarbanzo beans - illegalillegal6
474Garfava flourGarfava flour - illegalillegal6
475Gjetost cheeseGjetost cheese - illegalillegal6
476Glucose candyGlucose candy - illegalillegal6
477GoateinGoatein - illegalillegal6
478Granulated glucoseGranulated glucose - illegalillegal6
479Grapefruit juiceGrapefruit juice - illegalillegal6
480Guar GumGuar Gum - illegalillegal6
481Hemp seed, Hemp protein
Hemp seed, Hemp protein
powder - illegal
482Hot dogsHot dogs - illegalillegal6
483Hydrolyzed ProteinHydrolyzed Protein - illegalillegal6
484Ice creamIce cream - illegalillegal6
485InositolInositol - illegalillegal6
486InulinInulin - illegalillegal6
487Iron supplementsIron supplements - illegalillegal6
488IsoglucoseIsoglucose - illegalillegal6
489Jaggery (gur)Jaggery (gur) - illegalillegal6
490JicamaJicama - illegalillegal6
491Juice from concentrateJuice from concentrate - illegalillegal6
492KetchupKetchup - illegalillegal6
493KohlrabiKohlrabi - illegalillegal6
494KonjacKonjac - illegalillegal6
495Kudzu (or kuzu)Kudzu (or kuzu) - illegalillegal6
496KyoGreen powderKyoGreen powder - illegalillegal6
497Lactaid MilkLactaid Milk - illegalillegal6
498Lactose Hydrolyzed MilkLactose Hydrolyzed Milk - illegalillegal6
499LicoriceLicorice - illegalillegal6
500LigninLignin - illegalillegal6
501LiqueursLiqueurs - illegalillegal6
502Liquid ClorychlorophyllLiquid Clorychlorophyll - illegalillegal6
503MaltitolMaltitol - illegalillegal6
504MaltodextrinMaltodextrin - illegalillegal6
505MannitolMannitol - illegalillegal6
506MargarineMargarine - illegalillegal6
507MarshmallowMarshmallow - illegalillegal6
508Mastic gumMastic gum - illegalillegal6
509MeadMead - illegalillegal6
510Meats (canned)Meats (canned) - illegalillegal6
511Meats (processed)Meats (processed) - illegalillegal6
512MelatoninMelatonin - illegalillegal6
513MilletMillet - illegalillegal6
514Miracle NoodlesMiracle Noodles - illegalillegal6
515MisoMiso - illegalillegal6
516MolassesMolasses - illegalillegal6
517Molo-cureMolo-cure - illegalillegal6
518Mozzarella cheeseMozzarella cheese - illegalillegal6
519MSGMSG - illegalillegal6
520Mucilaginous HerbsMucilaginous Herbs - illegalillegal6
521Mucilaginous PolysaccharidesMucilaginous Polysaccharides - illegalillegal6
522MungbeansMungbeans - illegalillegal6
523Natural FlavorsNatural Flavors - illegalillegal6
524NettlesNettles - illegalillegal6
525Neufchatel cheeseNeufchatel cheese - illegalillegal6
526Noni JuiceNoni Juice - illegalillegal6
527OatsOats - illegalillegal6
528PappadumPappadum - illegalillegal6
529PastaPasta - illegalillegal6
530Pau 'ArcoPau 'Arco - illegalillegal6
531Pea flourPea flour - illegalillegal6
532PectinPectin - illegalillegal6
533Pinto beansPinto beans - illegalillegal6
534PlantainsPlantains - illegalillegal6
535Polysorbate 80Polysorbate 80 - illegalillegal6
536Pomegranate concentratePomegranate concentrate - illegalillegal6
537Port winePort wine - illegalillegal6
538PostumPostum - illegalillegal6
539PotatoesPotatoes - illegalillegal6
540Primal DefensePrimal Defense - illegalillegal6
541Primost cheesePrimost cheese - illegalillegal6
542Processed cheesesProcessed cheeses - illegalillegal6
543Protein powderProtein powder - illegalillegal6
544Psyllium husksPsyllium husks - illegalillegal6
545Pumpkin (canned)Pumpkin (canned) - illegalillegal6
546QuinoaQuinoa - illegalillegal6
547QuornQuorn - illegalillegal6
548RiceRice - illegalillegal6
549Rice BranRice Bran - illegalillegal6
550Rice FlourRice Flour - illegalillegal6
551Ricotta cheeseRicotta cheese - illegalillegal6
552RyeRye - illegalillegal6
553Sago starchSago starch - illegalillegal6
554SakeSake - illegalillegal6
555SeaweedSeaweed - illegalillegal6
556Seed ButtersSeed Butters - illegalillegal6
557Seed FlourSeed Flour - illegalillegal6
558SherrySherry - illegalillegal6
559Slippery elmSlippery elm - illegalillegal6
560Smoked meatsSmoked meats - illegalillegal6
561Sodium starch glycinateSodium starch glycinate - illegalillegal6
562SorbitolSorbitol - illegalillegal6
563Sour creamSour cream - illegalillegal6
564SoySoy - illegalillegal6
565Soybean milkSoybean milk - illegalillegal6
566SoybeansSoybeans - illegalillegal6
567SpeltSpelt - illegalillegal6
568SpirulinaSpirulina - illegalillegal6
569SplendaSplenda - illegalillegal6
570Sprouted Grain BreadSprouted Grain Bread - illegalillegal6
571SucraloseSucralose - illegalillegal6
572Sweet PotatoesSweet Potatoes - illegalillegal6
573Tabasco sauceTabasco sauce - illegalillegal6
574TagatoseTagatose - illegalillegal6
575TamariTamari - illegalillegal6
576TamarindTamarind - illegalillegal6
577TapiocaTapioca - illegalillegal6
578Tapioca FlourTapioca Flour - illegalillegal6
579TofuTofu - illegalillegal6
580Tofutti cheeseTofutti cheese - illegalillegal6
581Tomato paste (canned)Tomato paste (canned) - illegalillegal6
582Tomato puree (canned)Tomato puree (canned) - illegalillegal6
583Tomato sauce (canned)Tomato sauce (canned) - illegalillegal6
584TriticaleTriticale - illegalillegal6
585TurbinadoTurbinado - illegalillegal6
586TurnipsTurnips - illegalillegal6
587V8 JuiceV8 Juice - illegalillegal6
588Vegetables (canned)Vegetables (canned) - illegalillegal6
589WheatWheat - illegalillegal6
590Wheat germWheat germ - illegalillegal6
591Xanthum GumXanthum Gum - illegalillegal6
592XylitolXylitol - illegalillegal6
593Yoghurt (commercial)Yoghurt (commercial) - illegalillegal6

Liquor moderate amounts:
Women – 1 oz/day, 3-5x week
Men – 2.5 oz/day, 3-5x week
Wine moderate amounts:
Women – 4 oz/day, 3-5x wk
Men – 9 oz/day, 3-5x wk

Notes: T= Tablespoon, t= teaspoon, g= gram *Contains excess fructose- only necessary to avoid in cases of fructose malabsorption. ·Starting the diet: Follow the “Intro” from the SCD, Gaps or SCDLifestyle plans with Low & Moderate Fodmap foods. Wait 1-3 months to introduce celery root, rutabagas, cruciferous vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts (including nut flours, butters & milks) coffee, alcohol, raw vegetables/salads and raw fruit. Cook, peel, de-seed and puree vegetables & fruit at 1st. Dairy is best avoided for the 1st few weeks if unsure of its’ tolerability. ·Moderate Fodmap Column Foods: limit to 1 per meal. Meal = eating separated by 3-4 hours. ·Quantity listings are adult portions: decrease amounts for children. ·Tailor the diet: individual variations from this list are to be expected- trust your body’s reactions over the list. ·Tolerances change over time: periodically re-try previously intolerant foods. ·This guide is a combination of SCD, Low Fodmap Diet & the clinical experience of Dr. Siebecker in treating SIBO.

Compiled by Dr. Allison Siebecker ( with the following sources: (formatting thanks to Dr. Michele Bartlett)
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